Registration for Calligraphy & Creative Life Planning Workshop

On my recent sourcing trip in Hong Kong, I found these awesomely smart Conte nib holders. They come in bright colors (love!) and are super easy to use! There's a lever that locks the nib in, so you don't have to force it in, and you won't hurt yourself when you want to remove or replace the nib. I also hoarded my favorite Tachikawa nibs (perfect for beginners!), among other crafty things, hehe!

Aaaaand this brings me to....
...because I want to share these wonderful materials with you! Well, at least 12 of you, because for this crafternoon, we'll be accepting only 12 participants. I think it will be more intimate and fun that way!

And if meeting new friends is not the best thing about this workshop, then it is THE KIT. It includes a Conte Nib Holder, a Tachikawa Nib (as well as a Speedball oblique nib), HeyKessy washi tape, a Life After Breakfast sketchpad for Calligraphy, and a bottle of calligraphy ink!
PJ will also be sharing his super inspiring talk on 10 Ways to Succeed, plus Life Planning Exercises to get you started on your goals and dreams. (PJ works as a host, motivational speaker and marketing mentor, and last week was our first crafternoon collabo at the Crafts & Creativity Workshop!)

Sign up below to reserve your slot!

Update: Sign up to be on the Waiting List. You will be informed by Jan 21 if a slot is available.

Friday, January 11, 2013
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